Blanket and Roller Wash 

CORK-CLEAN™ is an aqueous, blanket and roller wash for UV coatings. It greatly reduces the odor, toxicity, and flammability hazards associated with solvent-based UV washes. CORK-CLEAN™ is designed specifically for use with Cork Industries’ GREEN20™ and GREENSOFT™ products, but it works as a blanket and roller wash for all commercial UV coatings. Use this product for coater, anilox, and roller cleanup.



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Wheel-eez Car Wash & Detail

Professional Wheel Cleaners

Wheel-eez Car Wash

Harsh Chemicals will ruin Concrete and Metals. Wheel-eez has been tested at Car Washes and the word is getting out: Wheel-eez is a Wheel Cleaner that works well, is cost-effective and doesn’t cause corrosion to your car wash. It’s safe to handle and is biodegradable, showing Cork Industries’ commitment to the environment and sustainability.

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Wheel-eez™ Detail & Motorcycle 

Get the Wheel Cleaner the Pros use.  A Professional wheel and Metal Cleaner sent directly to your door.  You’ll have your wheels and metals shining like new!

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Boat Goat Scrub

Professional Boat Hull & Metal Cleaner

Boat Goat Scrub removes the ugly grimy build up that can discolor boat hulls. It cleans metals and removes rust with a safe, gentle cleaning action. Faster, Easier, Cleaner. We are dedicated to protecting the environment. Boat Goat Scrub was developed to be safe for the environment and biodegradable. There is no need to use harsh chemicals to clean your boat.

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