Greensoft Soft Touch Tactile UV Coating

Greensoft™ Coatings have a soft, tactile, velvety feel and have excellent adhesion for conventional and in-mold labels, paperboard, and paper. Greensoft is also available to print on selected foils and plastics. It is available in fragrances! Greensoft is available as a Green UV Coating or in Aqueous formulations. Our coatings experts can help you decide which one is suited for your use and project.

To promote environmental responsibility, Greensoft™ contains up to 25% renewable resources. It is 100% reactive and contains no solvents.

GREENSOFT™ is designed for flexo, gravure, and sheetfed operations— alone or over ink.

GREENSOFT™ is a specialty product for paper, paperboard, and selected foils and plastics used to create luxurious aesthetics and a tactile velvety feel, while providing the protection of a UV coating. It is nonflammable and cleans up easily with Cork’s water based CORK-CLEAN™.


  • Proprietary technology
  • Over heatset, UV, or waterbase inks
  • Cures 4x faster than conventional UV SoftTouch™
  • Floodcoat or Spot over Heatset, UV, Hybrid, or Waterbased inks
  • Enhanced hand grip for labels, etc.
  • Luxurious gentle feel

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