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Corkote 25 Preprint Coating

CORKOTE-25 Preprint Aqueous Coating

CORKOTE- 25 is a zinc-free aqueous topcoat designed specifically for the pre-print process. It exhibits a moderate COF while providing the scuff resistance needed to withstand the hot corrugation process. CK-25 has exceptional abrasion and water resistant properties.

Usage: CORKOTE- 25 is typically applied via flexo, gravure or roller-coater onto paper and paperboard.

  • Zinc Free
  • Excellent Hot and dry rub
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent scuff
  • New innovative formulation technology

Preprint is the term used to define roll to roll printing of the outside liner of a corrugated box, before corrugating and converting operations. In corrugating, the corrugated medium (fluting) is glued between the preprinted liner and the inner liner, giving the structure rigidity, strength and cushioning. During corrugating the liners pass over heated plates curing the glue, and subjecting the face of the liners to high heat and pressure such that preprinted inks must be protected.

Key to this protection are functional top coatings that are applied over preprinted linerboard inks. These coatings are designed to resist high heat, steam, hot plate pressure and scuffing from belts and rollers during combining, as well as rubbing as the stock moves through die-cutting/folder gluer box forming operations. Both aqueous and UV coatings are capable of offering the necessary ink protection with dedicated formulations passing hot rub, dry rub, wet block, and slide angle requirements.

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