PFAS: Phasing Out Banned Chemical Compounds

PFAS Chemicals Banned

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER WITH REG’S PHASING-OUT BANNED PFAS Momentum is seemingly building to speed the phase-out of PFAS.  Some states have now taken action regarding its use in direct food contact packaging. Let’s review what we’re dealing with: Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) made their appearance in the 1940s, due to the attractiveness of properties […]

Barrier Coatings for Food Packaging

Barrier Performance

Demands for Food Packaging With the global customer base for retailed food increasing, food packaging must more and more conform to international food quality, and safety standards. This also can mean longer shelf life is a necessity. Increased global consumer awareness, income, combined with busier lifestyles, is creating a growing demand for convenience foods. Consumers […]

FDA Approved Paper Barrier Coatings

FDA Approved Aqueous Paper Barrier Coatings Sheetfed or Roller Coater: CORKOTE-83HV-1 is an excellent barrier coating that exhibits numerous resistance properties. When applied via offset to raw or coated paperboard it provides very low MVTR and Cobb values. CK83HV-1 is a unique backside, barrier coating which provides grease and water resistance and is used when […]

FDA Approved Paper Plate Barrier Coatings

FDA Approved Aqueous Paper Plate and Dinnerware Barrier Coatings Flexo, Gravure, or Rod Coater: CORKOTE—7900LS-2 has been formulated as a barrier coating for disposable paper plates and bowls. This product has excellent machine-ability and die release. It exhibits the high level resistance properties needed in the manufacturing of disposable paper dining ware. CK—7900LS-2 can be applied […]

FDA Approved Ovenable Barrier Coatings

FDA Approved Aqueous Ovenable Barrier Coatings Flexo or Gravure Coaters: CORKOTE™—CK-74-120 has been formulated as a barrier coating where direct food contact with no restrictions is needed. When applied properly (pinhole-free) to paper and paperboard, it also acts as an excellent release coating for most foodstuffs. Usage:CORKOTE™—CK-74-120 can be applied via flexo or gravure. Features: […]