Soft Touch Coatings Raise the Bar

Soft Touch

About Soft Touch Coatings Soft Touch coatings are able to provide products with a unique soft, warmer, more comfortable, luxurious, feel that humans intrinsically desire. The tactile, haptic effect provided is able to enhance the sensory perceptions of the consumer. Soft Touch coatings unquestionably add value to products as they impart appealing visual and tactile […]

Cork Clean UV Wash

CORK-CLEAN™ is an aqueous, blanket and roller wash for UV coatings. It greatly reduces the odor, toxicity, and flammability hazards associated with solvent-based UV washes. CORK-CLEAN™ is designed specifically for use with Cork Industries’ GREEN20™ and GREENSOFT™ products, but it works as a blanket and roller wash for all commercial UV coatings.Use this product for […]

Greensoft Soft Touch Tactile UV Coating

Greensoft™ Coatings have a soft, tactile, velvety feel and have excellent adhesion for conventional and in-mold labels, paperboard, and paper. Greensoft is also available to print on selected foils and plastics. It is available in fragrances! Greensoft is available as a Green UV Coating or in Aqueous formulations. Our coatings experts can help you decide […]