Green20™ Success!

Green20 Green UV Coating

  Sustainable Workhorse that’s Cost Effective Green20™ UV and EB Sustainable Coating Cork’s chemists have been hard at work with our Green20™ High Gloss UV Coating. It is our sustainable workhorse gloss coating that is cost effective, an excellent workhorse gloss, friendly on the environment, and safe to handle. It has been developed for multiple […]

Cork Clean UV Wash

CORK-CLEAN™ is an aqueous, blanket and roller wash for UV coatings. It greatly reduces the odor, toxicity, and flammability hazards associated with solvent-based UV washes. CORK-CLEAN™ is designed specifically for use with Cork Industries’ GREEN20™ and GREENSOFT™ products, but it works as a blanket and roller wash for all commercial UV coatings.Use this product for […]