FDA Bans Chemicals in Food Packaging Coatings Update

FDA Bans Food Packing Chemicals

Perfluoroalkyl Ethyl Toxicity Concerns in Food Packaging In January 2016, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) published a final rule that prohibited the use of three specific perfluoroalkyl ethyl containing chemicals because of toxicity concerns. These chemicals had been in use to make paper and paperboard packaging resistant to oil and water for use […]

Specialty UV Coatings Provide Product Protection and Chemical Resistance

product protection

Our world is an ever-changing one as evidenced recently by the appearance of Covid-19, unusual weather, and ever-evolving new technologies and products. These changes are presenting both opportunities and challenges for UV coatings with their ability to resist attack by chemicals, and various consumer and industrial products. Currently, we are advised to wear masks, wash […]

Adhesion Factors of Surface Energy & Surface Tension

Surface Energy and Tension

A surface that is easy to wet is necessary when printing and coating in order to achieve good adhesion and appearance results. “Wetting” is the ability of a liquid to spread, contacting a solid surface. All liquids have a surface tension and all solids have a surface energy. Both are measured as a force applied over an area, expressed as a […]

Cold Foil Print Graphics Entice Shoppers

Cold Foiling

Cold Foiling growth and productivity improvements have come rapidly. Foiling is known for its ability to add eye-catching visual effects to all aspects of printing creating brand differentiation. Foiling has proven to be effective in attracting and persuading shoppers to choose one product over another.

Recycling and Sustainability in UV and EB Cured Packaging

Recycling and Sustainability

Recycling and Sustainability in UV and EB Cured Packaging Paper and paper board products printed and coated with UV and EB curables are recyclable. They have always been recyclable into lower grades of paper known as “greyback” or “fillerboards.” These grades include materials used to produce folding cartons, corrugated, wallboard, tissue paper, roofing paper, and […]

Storing and Handling Aqueous Coatings in Cold Temperatures

Aqueous Coatings Cold Weather

  Aqueous coatings formulated for the graphic arts industry may be thermoplastic or thermosetting, solution or emulsion polymer blends. Thermoplastic coatings dominate. They are comprised of approximately 60% water, plus property enhancing components including plasticizers, waxes, surfactants, coalescent aids, antifoams and possibly optical brighteners.

New UV Curing Developments

UV LED Curing Ultraviolet (UV) curing has been historically dominated by the medium pressure mercury arc (Hg) lamp. This technology is now being gradually supplanted by LED (light emitting diode) semiconductor technology designed to produce usable UV curing radiation.

Trends In Sustainable Packaging

Predicted to become the number one challenge facing companies in years to come, sustainable packaging is a trending theme among big businesses. In effort to grow earnings and maintain high returns, practices in regards to material choice, design, and lifecycle of packaging are a necessity.

Calculating Aqueous Coating Usage


Customers often ask, “How do we estimate the amount of water based coating that it will take to run a job?” The answer is “make it easy on yourself”! Re-quest from Cork the now available coating usage calculator and skip the math below. Estimating Usage There are practical limits to the maximum amount of wet […]

Viscosity Techtalk

Viscosity Zahn Cups

The Viscosity Measuring Dip Cup That You Use Matters If you search for “Zahn cups” using your web browser you’ll find multiple supplier listings. Looking at these you’ll notice different brand names and countries of origin, mostly China and Hong Kong. This is not to say that foreign manufacturers cannot make good products adhering to good […]