Greensoft™ SW5 Soft Touch Tactile UV Coating

GREENSOFT™ SW5 SoftTouch™ is a low gloss translucent, UV-curable, velvety, antistatic, coating for designed for anilox, roller or rod systems. Flexo and sheetfed applications topspotted with Corkure™ 1137HG-99GT inline Ultragloss coating over GREENSOFT-SW5™ SoftTouch™ produce beautiful aesthetics at high production efficiency. It is used for boxboard, paperboard, etc. and contains up to 35% non-fossil renewable resources. […]

Greensoft™ GN-BF Soft Touch Tactile UV Coating

GREENSOFT™ GN-BF environment friendly SoftTouch coating is a translucent, low gloss, UV-curable; velvety coating containing over 38% renewable resources and zero VOC. GREENSOFT™ GN-BF is unique, insomuch as it can be processed in two different ways. It can be cured as is, as 100% solids product, for most decorative packaging and publishing applications. For work […]