FDA Approved Paper Barrier Coatings

FDA Approved Aqueous Paper Barrier Coatings Sheetfed or Roller Coater: CORKOTE-83HV-1 is an excellent barrier coating that exhibits numerous resistance properties. When applied via offset to raw or coated paperboard it provides very low MVTR and Cobb values. CK83HV-1 is a unique backside, barrier coating which provides grease and water resistance and is used when […]

FDA Approved Ovenable Barrier Coatings

FDA Approved Aqueous Ovenable Barrier Coatings Flexo or Gravure Coaters: CORKOTE™—CK-74-120 has been formulated as a barrier coating where direct food contact with no restrictions is needed. When applied properly (pinhole-free) to paper and paperboard, it also acts as an excellent release coating for most foodstuffs. Usage:CORKOTE™—CK-74-120 can be applied via flexo or gravure. Features: […]

Greensoft Soft Touch Tactile UV Coating

Greensoft™ Coatings have a soft, tactile, velvety feel and have excellent adhesion for conventional and in-mold labels, paperboard, and paper. Greensoft is also available to print on selected foils and plastics. It is available in fragrances! Greensoft is available as a Green UV Coating or in Aqueous formulations. Our coatings experts can help you decide […]

Multiwall Bag Aqueous Coating

Cork’s Aqueous Multiwall Bag Coating is an aqueous overprint varnish designed for multiwall bags. It has good gloss and rub resistance. Formulations: Flexo Gravure Features: Non-yellowing Low foaming Good CoF Slide Angle properties Physical Properties: Viscosity 17 – 20 Seconds #3 Signature Zahn @ 70°F 200 – 300 cps Solids 43% – 46% pH 8.8 – […]