Printing on Plastic Substrates can be Tricky

Printing on Plastic

Paper Substrates Forgive, Plastic Ones Do Not. Much has happened since we last wrote about printing on plastic substrates. Compared to a few years ago, many more printers are printing on plastic substrates and the variety of available substrates has increased, as has interest in printing on these materials, the result of innovative new applications.

UV Inks & Coatings Offer Advantages When Foil Stamping

UV Ink Foil Stamp

UV Energy Curing Products UV energy curing inks, coatings, and varnishes provide the printer with many advantages and benefits over so-called conventional products. These conventional products may be solvent or aqueous types in the case of flexo and gravure or oxidizing types in the case of litho or letterpress or a variety of types in […]