Aqueous Label Coatings

Aqueous Label Coatings These are some of Cork’s Corkote Aqueous Coatings recommended for Label Applications: Properties Litho Gravure/Flexo Gloss/Rub CK-3149RR-2 CK-15G, CK-47P Rub/Gloss CK-3149RR-3 CK-26 Series Heat Resistance CK-608LW-2, CK608LW-3UF CK-77A Foil/ MET Paper CK-43P-12 CK-30 OPP/LDPE Films CK-4315UF CK-26LO-2           GLOSS/RUB Aqueous Label Coatings CORKOTE-3149RR-2 is an aqueous work and […]