Gluing Aqueous Coatings

Aqueous Gluing

Two types of adhesives or glues are in common use to glue aqueous coated substrates.  These are cold white glues and hot melt adhesives. The most widely used of these are hot melt adhesives which are a form of solvent-free thermoplastics. These are solid at room temperature and are melted to be applied as a […]

Aqueous Label Adhesive Coatings

CorkBond™ Label Adhesive Advantages Superior Low-Temperature Tack = Apply Paper Labels to 36°F bottles without Swimming or Flagging Labels. Excellent Ice Bath Performance = Eliminate missing Labels. Extremely Flexible =  Bond Paper or Film Labels to Glass or PET containers. Excellent Clarity = The Adhesive is Transparent when Dry. Superior Value = Apply film labels […]